Nova Atlantis Foundation

Nova Atlantis Foundation is a Dutch research institute, based on Pico island, at the Azores. By conducting scientific research, the foundation aims to provide information on the status of the cetacean species of the Azores and their marine habitat. By providing data on cetacean population size, habitat use and behaviour to the EU, local authorities, the scientific community and environmental NGO’s, we aim to aid in the conservation of the coastal and pelagic waters of the Azores as Marine Protected Areas.


Faxafloi Cetacean Research

The aim of Faxafloi Cetacean Research is to provide future studies on Minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, humpback and killer whales in Iceland, creating photo-ID catalogues to study the different species through individual identification.


Andøy kommune camera

If you click on the link, you can see live the views of Andenes, from the local ligthouse, from where we conduct our land-based research.


Whale and Dolphin Conservation 

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation is a non-profit research, education and conservation, based in the UK, that counts with several offices around the world. It is the global voice for the protection of cetaceans and their environment.