Whales and dolphins are top predators and as such, have a strong influence in the ecosystems they inhabit. Our two main projects are on sperm whales and their relationship with humans’ activities (click here to learn more about our projects). We participate in international conferences to present our work on an annual basis (click here to see a list of our publications), and also develop educational projects locally and internationally. And we can do all this thanks to our supporters. Here you can find information on how you can contribute to our research and educational projects. 

If you are in Andenes, you can get more information from any of MAREFA´s members that will be around the Whale Centre, the whale watching boats or the lighthouse. If not, send us an email to and we will be happy to provide you with more information.

Adopt a Whale

adopt a whale-copyright

You can choose among different sperm whales and adopt your favorite one for a period of one year. At the end of the year the adoption can be renewed for the same or another whale if you wish. For each adoption you will receive a certificate with a picture of your sperm whale and the newest information (e.g. ID number of the year, last sightings). You can also choose to give the adoption as a special present for someone else.


Price: 300,- NOK per year (~40 euro)


The Royal International Whale Safari Club 

You can become a member of the “Royal International Whale Safari Club”. You will be part of a very exclusive club: the first member was Princess Sonja, the actual Queen of Norway; and the membership is forever. You will receive a diploma with your name and your membership number, as well as a sperm whale pin. At the moment we have over 3800 members.

Price: 360,- NOK  (~47 euro)


Make a donation

You can contribute making a cash donation to MAREFA. Additionally, equipment and other in-kind contributions are gratefully accepted. Every donation will be compensated with our merchandise.

                              If you donate 30NOK (~4 euro) or more you will get:

A bracelet with “I support whale research” written on it. This is a MUST for all the people that believe in our projects.

                              If you donate 50 NOK (~6.5) or more you will get:

A lanyard with “I support whale research” written on it. You can have your telephone and your keys with you all the time. It is an original gift for you and your friends.