The board

Glenn Maan – Chair (Norway)

Glenn is an experienced seaman with more than 20 years of experience in the industry of whale watching in Norway. He also works for Whalesafari Andenes which provides their platforms for our researchers. Through all these years he got interested and committed with the work developed by the researchers, which lead him to become part of MAREFA. He is the head of the organization and our link with the whale watching industry in Andenes.

Iva Kovacic – Deputy Chair (Croatia)

Iva is the Research Responsible at MAREFA and manages the scientific area of the organization. She studied a bachelor and Masters in Marine Biology at the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and is currently undertaking two PhDs on population genetics of pines through the University of Valladolid and on cetacean diet in the Adriatic through the University of Zagreb. She has been working in the whale watching industry in Norway as naturalistic guide for 7 years, which she combined with research tasks. Her broad experience on marine mammals acquired through her work in Croatia and Norway have provided her with a strong scientific background. Additionally she gained a deep expertise in developing education activities while working in the whale watching industry in Norway. 

Marta Acosta Plata – Treasurer (Spain)

Marta is the Communication and Fundraising Responsible of MAREFA. She studied a bachelor and Masters in Environmental Science at the University Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid (Spain). She is currently developing her PhD focusing in male sperm whale social structure and migration. She has been working in Norwegian whale watching operators since 2008 conducting research and has a wide experience as a teacher and educator on environmental issues.

Michela Orfeo – Appointed member (Italy)

Michela is the Education Responsible of MAREFA. She studied her bachelor´s in Biology in Innsbruck (Austria) and specialized through a Master´s in Zoology and Limnology. She gained international experiences in the field of marine mammals taking part in courses in Spain and Greece and working for a rehabilitation and research centre for seals in northern Germany. She has been working as a naturalistic guide for the whale watching industry in Norway since 2010 and started to develop educative activities for schools on marine mammals in Austria, which she will extend to Norway through MAREFA´s education activities.