Former volunteers


 Ledicia Santos (Spain) 

Ledicia studied Marine Biology at the University of Santiago (Spain) and now she is completing a degree in Environmental Science. She is deeply interested in marine wildlife and wants to gain hands-on experience in marine mammal research. She will join MAREFA as a volunteer from March to August 2012.


Luca Tassara (Italy)

Luca graduated in Biology at the University of Genoa (Italy) and he is currently doing a Master´s in Arctic marine ecology and biodiversity at the University of Tromsø (Norway) under the supervision of the Institute for Marine Research. He worked as part of Whalesafari´s research team in 2010 and now he´s back to Andenes to work with MAREFA and develop his Master´s thesis investigating the interactions taking place between killer whales and sperm whales in the surroundings of Andenes using spatial analyses, photo-identification and acoustic techniques. 

Nina Manjaric (Croatia)

Nina is a Master´s student who will work as a research assistant and develop her Master thesis with MAREFA. After obtaining a degree in animal science at Zagreb University, Croatia, in 2011 she started a Master in Animal Genetics at the same university. Her degree thesis was on the scientific, educational and ethical aspects of cetaceans in captivity, and for her Master´s thesis she will do the fieldwork with MAREFA during the summers of 2012 and 2013. Her thesis will focus on the historical and present patterns of genetic diversity in sperm whales of the North East Atlantic.

Emma Karlsson Lager (Sweden)

I have always been interested in the marine ecosystem and fell in love with whales when I encountered my first sperm whale in the Azores. When I got the chance to work with a project of my own choice during my last year of studying natural science at Kungsholmens gymnasium in Stockholm, me and Ida Bjessmo decided to immerse our knowledge in the different research methods conducted on whales today. The project brought us to volunteer for MAREFA in February 2012; a truly inspiring experience we decided to repeat in August. Back in Stockholm I simply can not stop searching for the blow of a sperm whale in the horizon!