The Marine Research and Education Fund of Andenes (MAREFA) is a non-profit organization that works to increase and divulge the knowledge about marine wildlife, particularly marine mammals among the society, especially in Norway. The organization was established in 2011 by students and researchers committed with the study and conservation of cetaceans in Norwegian waters.

The Arabic word “marefa” means knowledge, and our organization intends to live up to its name developing the following tasks:

  • Increasing the knowledge about marine wildlife through research programs and international collaboration of scientific excellence, and spread this knowledge through high standard publications.
  • Using the acquired knowledge to contribute to the conservation of marine wildlife and related values.
  • Developing educational programs in different levels of the society and raise awareness about the marine environment.
  • Promoting volunteering through collaboration of educational institutions and social programs at all levels.
  • Promoting the platform and the support for students aiming to develop their careers in the marine mammal field.