Collaboration with Aaléco

DSC_0156On the 16th of December 2012 we had a special visit at the Rorbu. One month before we received an email from Aaléco, a non-profit organization based in France showing their interest to come to Andenes. Jérémy and Adélie are co-founders of Aaléco (Association “Al’écoute de l’Océan”) and are planning on traveling around the world visiting several places where cetaceans are being studied, through a project called “A look at our oceans” and contacted MAREFA to participate in it.

They both came to Andenes, and we had the chance to show them our daily activities, both in the field and in the office. They stayed with us for two days. The first day, they went up the lighthouse with us and learned about the methodology we use to study cetaceans from land. They were even lucky enough to see killer whales!! Over the time they stayed in Andenes, we were interviewed to talk about the key cetacean species in the area, as well as their threats (especially about the interactions with human activities and climate change). Additionally, we visited a stranded sperm whale (that was first found on the 2ndof November) and had some fun walking on a frozen lake, and took some pictures.

Educational value

Photo by Christian Rodriguez

Photo by Christian Rodriguez

There is now a wide appreciation of the damage human activities are doing to the environment and environmental Education is a way of helping individuals and societies to resolve fundamental issues relating to the current and future use of the world’s resources. However, simply raising awareness of these issues is insufficient to bring about change. Environmental Education must strongly promote the need for personal initiatives and social participation to achieve sustainability. Aaléco aims to conduct awareness campaigns and spread the word about the importance about marine conservation through educational campaigns in French schools. The project “A look at our oceans” aims to publicize the often overlooked work of the researchers and other actors who toil to protect our oceans and to answer questions regarding the conservation of marine mammals. Aaléco’s work will be a very useful tool for the coming generations. It is paramount for children to learn about the natural world and its wonder that will lead them to respect the Planet as a whole.

It´s always a pleasure to good to meet people who care and invest their time to leave a better planet for the kids and better kids for the planet.

It was definitely was a great experience!! And we hope they will keep on the good work.

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