Earthwatch expeditions in Andenes

MAREFA has been awarded by Earthwatch to host international volunteers.

Join an international research team in the spectacular Norwegian Arctic to investigate the behaviors and needs of dolphins and sperm, killer, and humpback whales.

In the far reaches of the spectacular Norwegian Atlantic, whales and dolphins abound. Each day, it is possible to observe large male sperm whales in the deep waters of an underwater canyon just 8 miles from the shore. In the winter, the fjords are an essential feeding area for these mammals. While Norwegian commercial whaling for minke whales is still a reality, there is increasing interest in whale watching – an activity that attracts tourists from around the world. You’ll join a group of researchers in the town of Andenes on the island of Andøya, where you’ll take an active role in studying sperm whales, with a focus on whale migration, behavior, and the interactions of sperm, humpback and killer whales with whale-watching boats

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